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Yaya Jewish Tours 2023, Summer Vacation in Barcelona, Spain



Overnight: 5 ★ Claris Hotel, Barcelona

Meeting at 13:00 Barcelona Airport- Barcelona, where we will have a group transfer to our central location Hotel. You will have time to relax, freshen up and enjoy the lively streets around our Hotel on your own until our first group dinner in a local restaurant.



Overnight: 5 ★ Claris Hotel, Barcelona

We will start with a panoramic tour of Barcelona, taking in all the important buildings and monuments; you will be overwhelmed by the architecture and beauty of this Northern Spanish city. We will visit the Montjuic, and the Mirador where we will have one of the best views over Barcelona, as well as a visit to the famous Park Guell, designed by the famous Gaudi. A walking tour of the old Jewish quarter will follow, where we will learn about the Jewish History of Barcelona. You will get to see the house of the great scholar Rabbi Shlomo ibn Aderet (Rashba), as well as the ancient synagogue of Barcelona, the oldest in Europe. The day will be filled with historical and Jewish sites, a real magical and educational tour. Our dinner will be in one of Barcelona’s Kosher Restaurant.



Overnight: 5 ★ Claris Hotel, Barcelona

After breakfast we will drive (About 1 hr) towards the north of Barcelona and start by visiting the romantic city of Girona with its old Jewish Quarter. The Jewish History Museum contains the most accurate information about medieval Jewish communities in Spain. We will continue with a tour of the medieval town of Besalú, including a visit to the old Mikveh dating back to the 15th century. Finally, in Figueres we will discover the fascinating and imaginative world of the famous artist Salvador Dalí. The Theatre – Museum Dalí is the largest eponymous structure of its kind in the world. Dinner in a Kosher Local Restaurant.



Overnight: 5 ★ Vincci Hotel, Malaga

Alhambra Palace, Albaisin Quarter, Jewish Quarter-This morning we’ll catch our flight (10:25am) to the Andalusia town of Granada, (1 hr) a city that was nicknamed “Grant el Yahud” – “Grande of the Jews”. After landing we will take a tour of the city. We will visit one of the most famous sites in Spain, the Alhambra Palace. We will see the Ambassadors’ Hall where the expulsion order of Spanish Jewry was signed by the Catholic Kings Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. It was also from here that Columbus was sent to discover the “New World”. We will admire the Lions’ courtyard and the Hadasim courtyard, and we will mention them in the amazing context of Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol and Shmuel Hanagid, who was an army minister and the chief minister in the court of the ruler. Our visit to the palace will end with an enjoyable walk in the Generalife, a garden area attached to the Alhambra which became a place of recreation and rest for the Granada Muslim kings when they wanted to flee the tedium of official life in the Palace. In the afternoon we will visit Granada’s fascinating Albaicin neighbourhood and its old town where the Jewish quarter used to be. We will then make our way back to our hotel (1- 2 hr Drive), Dinner at our Hotel.



Overnight: 5 ★ Vincci Hotel, Malaga

Our day will start with an amazing Hike in the Caminito del Rey. El Caminito del Rey hike is a spectacular hike all along, it is about an 8 Km, 3-4 hrs. walk. After lunch we will continue to the most famous of all the white villages in Andalusia, “Ronda”, which has become one of the oldest white cities in Spain. The bullfighting tradition was born here. Generations of bullfighters from the local Romero family have created a legacy of martial arts and styles, which to this day are accepted throughout Spain. Ronda is famous for its steep cliffs and where Ernest Hemingway was inspired to write his book “For Whom the Bells Toll” about the terrible civil war in Spain. A 1.15hr drive will bring us back to our hotel in the coastal city of Malaga. Dinner at the Hotel.



Overnight: 5 ★ Vincci Hotel, Malaga

After breakfast we will begin our 90 minutes’ drive towards Gibraltar, the British enclave known as “the Rock”. Gibraltar is the abbreviation of Jabel al-Tariq – after the Berber conqueror from North Africa who invaded Spain and brought about the beginning of Muslim rule for 800 years. We will visit the famous Monkey Colony up the rock, walk through the city streets and soak in the British atmosphere that dominates the colony. During the tour we will experience the unique Jewish aspect of the place and visit one of the four beautiful Synagogues, we will discuss the harmony between the different religions. We ‘ll continue back to our hotel to prepare for Shabbat.

Candle lighting and Kabbalat Shabbat at our Hotel



Overnight: 5 ★ Vincci Hotel, Malaga

After Shabbat services we’ll take a leisurely walking tour in the harbour town of Malaga, birthplace of Solomon ben Yehuda Ibn Gvirol as well as that of Spain’s most famous painter, Pablo Picasso. We will walk in the Old town, and the Jewish quarter, we will have a chance to visit the Picasso Museum before our Shabbat Lunch.

After Shabbat we will go for a drink on the Promenade.



Overnight: 5 ★ Euro Stars Hotel, Cordoba

Today we will bid farewell to Malaga and travel to Seville, the capital of Andalusia.( 2.15hr) Upon arrival, We will continue to the magnificent “Plaza de Espana” and see the Spanish Pavilions of South America built for the exhibition planned for the late 1920s. We will continue with a walking tour of the Jewish Quarter, the “Juderia”, now called the Santa Cruz District, and will discuss the city’s Jewish roots and history. We will depart to Cordoba where we will check into our hotel where dinner will be served.



Overnight: 5 ★ Hospes Hotel, Madrid

After breakfast we will visit the city of Maimonides, Yehudah HaLevi and other great Spanish Jewish sages, and the central symbol of the Golden Age of Judaism in Spain, visit the Old City, which is a testimony of the glorious Jewish community that existed here during the period of Moorish rule. We will visit the squares and streets that still bear names reminiscent of the Land of Israel, such as Tiberias Square and Yehuda Halevy Square. We will see the statue of the Rambam, erected by the city’s leaders in memory of the “Great Eagle” we will stroll along the picturesque alleyways and visit the Mezquita outskirts once the great mosque of Cordoba that now serves as the local cathedral. After the visit in Cordoba we will Depart to Toledo – “Jerusalem of the West”, one of the main centres of Sephardic Jewry in the Middle Ages and described as an open-air museum of Spanish history. Our walking tour will concentrate on sightseeing around the old Juderia. See El-Greco’s house which used to be the home of Don Shmuel Halevy Abulafia (14th century), the king’s Pedro el-Cruel wealthy treasurer. We will also visit both ancient synagogues. today museums: El-Transito, Shmuel Halevy’s Mudejar synagogue (1356) considered to be the best-preserved Jewish monument of the pre-Inquisition period, and Santa Maria la Blanca, Ibn Shoshan’s synagogue. After the visit we will depart to Madrid (1 hr) – Spain’s majestic Capital since 1561. Dinner at the local Kosher Restaurant

DAY 10


Overnight: 5 ★ Hospes Hotel, Madrid

Today we will enjoy the Capital city tour, we will have a guided tour of the Prado museum, visit the Retiro Park and a walking tour of the old city of Madrid, and its historical treasures. We will then continue to the Royal Palace Garden, Plaza de España, with its majestic monument of Cervantes, Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol, then Neptune and Cibeles fountains, the major avenues of La Gran Via, Castellana and the Retiro Baroque park, that are so enjoyable to stroll. We will provide couple of hours for free time where you can choose to spend it how you like; from shopping in the main street to sitting in a traditional Spanish coffee place. Dinner at the local Kosher Restaurant

DAY 11


Overnight: 4 ★ Convento de Belmonte Hotel,  Belmonte

We will begin our journey to Portugal with a stop in the magical town of Ávila (1.5 hr drive), known for its majestic medieval wall that surrounds the town. We will visit the remains of the Jewish cemetery that was discovered only a few years ago. And then we will make our way to Belmonte/Portugal (3 hr). In this mountain village situated in the north of Portugal, we will find the last remaining community of conversos, also known as Belmonte Jews. They have been secretly practicing their faith for over five hundred years, until their discovery in 1917. During the tour, we will get to meet some of the members of the Jewish community and visit the synagogue, as well as the Jewish Museum. Dinner at our Hotel.

DAY 12


Overnight: 5 ★ Sheraton Hotel, Porto

On this unforgettable day, we will have the opportunity to visit Trancoso, together with one of the only Jewish locals still living here, “Senor Jose Levi Dominguez” His family has lived in the area for hundreds of years and he will kindly take us on an incredible journey through this amazing village. Trancoso still preserves the walls and doors of the medieval castle. Then on our way to Porto we will visit one of Portugal’s Kosher wineries. We will drive along the Duero River where you will see the most magnificent views of Portugal. Dinner in a local Kosher restaurant.

DAY 13


Overnight: 5 ★ Dom Pedro Hotel, Lisbon

We will explore this beautiful City, its Jewish Quarter and the impressive “Kaduri Synagogue”. we will embark to Tomar where we will visit the Synagogue of Abraham Zacut and hear the special History of this interesting and unique place. Kabalat Shabbbat in the local Lisbon Synagogue follow by Dinner in our Hotel.

DAY 14


Overnight: 5 ★ Dom Pedro Hotel, Lisbon

Today we will enjoy a Shabbat service at the local synagogue of Lisbon. Kiddush and Lunch will be served at our Hotel; followed by some relaxing time. In the afternoon we will enjoy a lovely Jewish Heritage walking tour of Lisbon. We will complete the day with a Seuda Shelishit at our Hotel. In Motsei Shabbat we will enjoy a panoramic tour of the city, where we will visit the photogenic unique monuments of Lisbon.

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