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About My Jewish Listings

Our Mission:

We are the TripAdvisor and Yelp for Jewish Business world, Kosher Restaurants and Jewish Travel. The reason why we created this website was to make it easier and more transparent for a Jewish consumers to choose from one of many amazing Jewish owned businesses, Wide array of Kosher Restaurants, Jewish Travel and Jewish businesses. In turn, our business owners owners love our website since it’s very easy to track a customer lead through our website all the way to an actual purchase!

For Our Customers: We Make it Simple and User Friendly! We want to make it very simple for customers to search for a Jewish Businesses, Kosher Restaurants, and Jewish Travel, review and rate a business, share their stories through our blog, subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming deals, and have ALL the information that they need, in ONE place.

For Our Business Owners: #1 Jewish Businesses Site with Highest Customer Exposure & Reach! For Jewish business owners, we make it very easy for you to upload videos, pictures, prices, events and locate reviews all in ONE place. As a Jewish Business Owner, you can run your own ads on our site where you want and for how long you want! The best part for owners is that you will now TRULY know who is coming to you listing and track a sale through our easy-to-use Private Dashboard! You will also be able to respond to reviews and messages instantaneously instead of guessing who that person is. Lastly, you can provide coupons and deals all through our site in ONE place. We make it easy for YOU!

In summary, our core differentiators are:

Transparency – (Back-end Dashboard, Deals, Price, Reviews & Reputations!)

Business Details – (location, feature Breakouts & More!)

Kosher Travel for the Jewish Traveler

Kosher travel has never been so easy, thanks in part, to the network of Jewish travelers who are constantly updating apps, sites, and blogs with kosher food options. If you’ve got a ‘cruise to the Greek Islands’ or ‘camping out in an African safari’ on your bucket list, there’s likely more than one kosher option for you. While traveling kosher isn’t a novel idea, having gourmet kosher food prepared for you and your party is rather new and developing. The number of kosher travelers benefiting from this Jewish travel market, signing up to see the world, but with class and style-is blossoming. Don’t be surprised if the most sought after job within Jewish Travel is ‘Kosher Travel Wine Connoisseur’ whose sole purpose is to pair the perfect wine with your gourmet meal while you take in the elephants roaming as the sun sets.
Our children’s generation will never understand the time and effort involved in kosher travel as it once was. Living off of salami, tuna, granola bars-anything that packed well in a suitcase is a thing of the past. Spending $5000 on your trip to Hawaii but eating peanut butter and jelly for dinner loses its appeal to the Jewish traveler that sticks to higher standards than eating at a vegan restaurant while away. We’ve raised a generation of foodies whereby the delectable food is a major component, if not one that outweighs the other pleasantries of the entire trip. There are entire Facebook group communities dedicated to Jewish travel and several blogs available online that have lots of good ideas for traveling kosher. Did you know that a religious master chef from a world renowned kosher restaurant in the heart of NYC moved to Maui and runs a farm where he schects his own meat and nurtures his cows and chickens for milk and eggs? If you want to travel kosher, there’s no better way to do it than from Kosher Farm-to-Resort Balcony.

As the quality of our lives enhance, by the way of our home, car, etc. our expectations of a kosher vacation grow. Jewish travel companies are competing well to grab the kosher traveler early in the planning stages. They each try to one up each other with unique kosher amenities, as it has become the norm and basics to include a 24 hour kosher tea room, that doesn’t just serve tea. Prayer services, lectures, day camp, and a plethora of night activities are the now totally all-encompassing Jewish travel. Kosher Travel has morphed itself into the Club Med concept but with a kosher stamp.


Jewish Businesses

Running a Jewish business, whether it be small, mid-tier or large, acquiring customers these days is tough. Covid has been devastating to everyone and has impacted every business from large to small. Now more than ever, it’s important for lawyers, non-profit organizations, catering companies, simcha and event planners to bring in more customers and clients to bolster their business for many years to come. That is where My Jewish Listings comes in. We are here to help Jewish business owners with acquiring more leads, creating a bigger and more useful brand experience to thousands of consumers. With over 30 years of experience, the founders created a recipe extracted from a successful Passover venture and leverage this for the Jewish business world. Thousands of businesses from accountants to musicians are listed and advertised on our website. Now, with the click of a button and the tip of your finger someone can easily find any Jewish business and filter by price, reviews and even different amenity! Try it out, it’s free!

The biggest industries to get impacted by Covid are luxury travel and the restaurant industry. Hundreds of Kosher restaurants have had to close shop and many are on the brink. No one can dine in and restaurants revenue are a fraction of what they used to make. Online ordering platforms make it super difficult since they charge the customer and restaurant owner an order fee.

Not any more! With the launch of My Jewish Listings in partnership with Kosher GPS, we launched the first ever mobile online kosher restaurant app where customers can order delivery, pickup or curbside, instantly without any fees associate to the customer or owner! In these times, how could we take 30% from struggling businesses. With proprietary technology, thousands of strict kosher restaurants are getting on-board and many more by the day. We are so happy to help consumers find their perfect meal and bring more business and people to the restaurant. Come join us and download the Kosher GPS APP from the App Store here: Kosher GPS for iOS – iPhone & iPad, Kosher GPS for Android.