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Sukkot Programs 2022 – Sukkos Programs 2022
Sukkot Vacations – Sukkos Hotels

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Sukkot begins on Sunday evening, October 9, 2022 and continues with Shmini Atzeret on Sunday evening October 16th, 2022 and ends with Simchat Torah on Tuesday, October 18, 2022. Here are the Sukkot / Sukkos programs planned so far for Sukkot 2022/ Sukkos 2022. Stay tuned here for updates on Sukkot Programs.

Sarah Tours 2022 Sukkot Program in El Jadida, Morocco

Sukkos Program in Morocco at the Mazagan Beach Resort is a luxury 5 * hotel

cat-icon Route de Casablanca, Marrakesh, Morocco
cat-icon 400 Granite Rd, Kerhonkson, NY 12446, USA

Royal Passover 2022 Sukkot in Cancun, Mexico

Sukkot Program at the Sensira Resort & Spa - Riviera Maya

cat-icon Sensira Resort & Spa

Leisure Time Tours 2022 Sukkot Program in Portofino, Italy

Sukkot Vacations 2022 at the Imperiale Palace Hotel, Portofino 5 Star - Sukkos Program

cat-icon Via Pagana, 19, 16038 Santa Margherita Ligure, GE, Italy

Kosher Dream 2022 Sukkot Program in Cancun, Mexico

Kosher Sukkot Program in Cancun, Mexico | Sukkos Vacation

cat-icon Chetumal Km 340, Riviera Maya, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
cat-icon Blvd. Kukulcan, Punta Cancun, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico

KMR Tours 2022 Sukkot Program in Phoenix, Arizona

Sukkot Program 2021 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort, A Waldorf Astoria - Sukkos Vacation

Sukkot 2022 | Kosher Sukkot Hotels and Resorts | Kosher Sukkot Programs

Jewish and Kosher Sukkot programs, vacations, and getaways within budget. Kosher hotels are available for Sukkos with a minyan, Sefer Torah, Lulav and Esrog and Sukkah to ensure all things are available for an amazing Sukkos. We have many Sukkot programs that include private beaches, bar-side pools, fitness centers and exercise classes, spas and so much more! This is a great opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a vacation chock full of activities, local tours, golfing, hiking and other entertainment that reflects local cultures.


You can find Sukkot vacations within the unique and vibrant cities in the United Emirates, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Panama and France and so many more! Bask in the sun and spend your Sukkot holiday at the clearwater beaches and lounge by the pools.


Sukkot Programs / Sukkos Vacations:

  • Kosher Sukkot Programs in Mexico
  • Kosher Sukkot Vacations in Italy
  • Kosher Sukkot Programs in Cyprus
  • Kosher Sukkot Vacations in Greece
  • Kosher Sukkot Programs in the United States
  • Kosher Sukkot Programs in Arizona
  • Kosher Sukkot Programs in Florida
  • Kosher Sukkot Programs in France
  • Kosher Sukkot Programs in the Caribbean
  • Kosher Sukkot Programs in Morocco
  • Kosher Sukkot Vacations in United Arab Emirates
  • Kosher Sukkot Programs in Dubai


Sukkot is such a holiday amongst the many Jewish holidays in the Jewish calendar. It also required a ton of planning and preparation. To instead, make a trip out of spending this significant Jewish holiday abroad would not normally be the option for many Jewish families. Thankfully, a lot has changed in what is accepted and offered around the world.

Due to a greater number of kosher tour operators that continue to grow as well as hotels and resorts all around who realize the great significance of Sukkot, and other important Jewish Holidays, using this time to enjoy a meaningful yet genuine Sukkot at a holiday getaway can be much easier and pleasurable than people may expect.


Spend Sukkot at a luxurious travel destination

What could be better than celebrating Sukkot in an inspiring place while enjoying it with friends and family?


We offer some of the most talented and well-known kosher tour operators and Sukkot Program providers. They make sure that everything is provided to ensure you and your loved ones will have the perfect celebration. Sukkos is the holiday of our happiness and having a beautifully Sukkah, while traveling to enjoy your Sukkot vacation, you not only get to enjoy spending the chag of Sukkos, Shemeni Atzeres and Simchas Torah away, but you get to create memories with family and friends.


Your kosher travel operator and tour guides use their expertise of kosher traveling in local regions to excite your travels to a level beyond a personally planned vacation. They have the know-how to plan your trip to fit your style of travel, while filling your time with exciting activities that will fill your trip with enjoyment. They offer endless things to do including celebrity speakers, Israeli artists, and even world-renowned entertainers.


We all need a break from the norm every once in a while, and that includes amazing Kosher culinary dishes. Kosher tours and Sukkot programs include some of the world’s best Kosher master chefs that tailor their styles to include local favorites. They also guarantee the highest standard of Kashrut and the best dining experiences.

Sukkot Around the World


The beautifully unique cities all around Europe and the relaxing beach resorts of South Africa offer an endless selection of destinations to fit your perfect holiday getaway. The coast of the Mediterranean Sea has cultured destinations like Morocco and Portugal while places like Canada have mountainscapes that make you ponder the gift of life which continues the desire to discover the unknown in their inspiring backdrop that you will use for a Sukkot celebration of a lifetime.

If you are ready for an unforgettable Sukkot experience, search and compare the great selection of the world’s best Sukkot programs and most exciting kosher tour operators to secure a truly incredible Sukkos getaway.