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Kosher Restaurants – Kosher Restaurant Guide – Kosher Dining - Kosher GPS

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Kosher Restaurants – Kosher Restaurant Guide – Kosher Dining - Kosher GPS

Kosher Restaurants – Kosher Dining
Kosher Catering & Restaurant Guide

Kosher GPS Smartphone App containing over 6,000 locations. Consisting of places to find kosher food and orthodox minyans and mikvahs. With over 200,000 downloads and 50,000 active monthly users it’s one of the best and most useful apps. We receive daily emails from our users informing us of kashrut changes, new openings and closures.

Our iPhone & Android Apps are FREE of charge just tap on link to Apple or Android app store or just search on your phone for “KOSHER GPS” in your app store. This database has been compiled with a list of kosher places to to find kosher food to eat all over the USA, Canada, Panama, England, France and numerous other countries and we’re always adding more. These establishments have strict kosher supervision for those individuals that adhere to a strict code of Kashrut. We also have compiled a complete directory of Orthodox locations to go Daven with a minyan and mikvahs.

DISCLAIMER: It is up to the consumer to verify the information by requesting to see a copy of the kashrut certification. Kashrut may change or certain private kashrut may not be acceptable to you so please verify before eating at any establishment. We do not vouch for the accuracy of the information submitted to the database.
The data are to be used “ONLY” for your personal use and can not be posted to other Internet sites and cannot be shared with others. DO NOT USE IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS RESTRICTION.

Kosher Restaurants & Kosher Foodies

Kosher foodies who are searching for great kosher dining, kosher catering and kosher grocery options need not look further than the free app Kosher GPS. Kosher caterers and kosher restaurant owners rely on Kosher GPS to market their businesses and provide delicious kosher food for kosher travelers and kosher diners.

With over 3,000 kosher restaurants, kosher grocers and kosher caterers, kosher GPS users can order kosher food directly through the app wherever they are located. Unlike 10 years ago or more, people who keep kosher now have many gourmet kosher restaurant options to choose from.

Kosher catering now offers tasty kosher menu items for Bar Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, Passover meals, and many more kosher food choices for various Jewish holidays and events.

And kosher travel has never been this easy! Kosher foodies have nothing to fear when they travel kosher, because Kosher GPS offers not only kosher dining options and kosher grocery stores in the location they travel to, but also minyans and mikvahs! Gone are the days when kosher caterers were few and far between. Gone also are the days when there was a dearth of kosher restaurants and therefore kosher dining options.

Of course there are many kosher restaurants to satisfy kosher foodies in places with large Jewish communities. What are some places with many kosher dining choices? California kosher dining has a lot of kosher food options on offer. For example, Los Angeles kosher restaurants offer everything from kosher food items like kosher sushi to kosher burgers. New York kosher restaurants are also generous with their kosher food options, and they serve kosher Thai food, kosher pizza and many other kosher restaurant food for kosher foodies. Now what about kosher dining in Chicago? Kosher Chicago restaurants have many kosher grocery and kosher catering choices. Not only that, but kosher restaurants in Chicago also offer a variety of local kosher food items for kosher foodies. For example, what kosher foodie wouldn’t want to try a kosher restaurant that makes kosher deep-dish pizza?

And there are more kosher dining experiences for the discerning kosher foodie. For example, Pennsylvania kosher foodies might enjoy a kosher food version of what they are is known best for: kosher pretzels! And kosher foodies in New York need not worry, because kosher foodies get glatt kosher hickory smoked ribs!

So what does a kosher foodie have for kosher dining options in Florida? Florida kosher restaurants are abundant. Kosher foodies can enjoy a huge variety of kosher food like kosher lox and kosher steaks. Miami kosher restaurants are especially full of kosher groceries, kosher caterers and kosher restaurants, so kosher travelers or those who keep kosher at home in Miami Florida can order kosher food directly through the free kosher food app called Kosher GPS. Why not try some kosher fish n chips? Or a huge kosher burger with the works and heaping side of french fries?

In short, Kosher GPS brings many kosher dining, kosher catering and kosher grocery options to kosher foodies so that they can enjoy gourmet kosher food!

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