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Pesach Program at the Dead Sea, Israel

The most luxurious English Speaking Pesach Vacation, at an affordable price.

Pamper yourself & your Family

All rooms at the VERT DEAD SEA HOTEL have been renovated, including most of the public areas. DAVIDMAN’S PESACH is returning there in order to host your Pesach Vacation at the most recently renovated Luxury Hotel at the Dead Sea.
Join Davidman’s Pesach for their 29th year of great Pesach programs for a vacation that you will never forget. This year, as in the past, we will be at one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Dead Sea, which was nominated as one of the modern Wonders of the world.
Our program is the only full English speaking program at a luxury Hotel at the Dead Sea, situated on the new renovated beach.
No long hikes or crossing roads to get to the beach to float in the beautiful Dead Sea. The Hotel has a wonderful hospitable staff whose goal is to please and pamper our guests.
Situated at the lowest place on earth, with the most breathtaking views, the Vert Hotel Dead Sea is waiting to pamper our guests. This elegant hotel with exceptional service and outstanding and innovative cuisine (even on Pesach) offers an ideal vacation in the heart of the desert. The hotel ideally fits into its unique natural surroundings supplying our guests with all the essentials required for a wonderful vacation. The superb spa will spoil our guests with the availability of dozens of treatments.
We are delighted to have as our dynamic program director Danny Kaizler who has a well-deserved reputation for organizing the very best Pesach programs in Israel. We will have non-stop activities for Children (3-7) Pre-Teens (8-12) Teens and Singles (13-25) and Adults going on throughout the day and evening. We will also have a great entertainment program during Chol Hamoed (weekday) evenings and don’t forget our day time & late night movie showing the latest Hollywood films, as well as children’s films.
Rooms without Balcony
Are large spacious renovated guest rooms suitable for a couple or a couple with an infant. Amenities include a large picture window offering a panoramic view of the Dead Sea and the mountains beyond, small mini bar, safe, hairdryer, coffee and tea making kit.
Rooms with Balcony
Are large spacious renovated guest rooms suitable for a couple or couple with up to two children. Amenities include a small mini bar, safe, hairdryer, coffee and tea making kit. The rooms each have a balcony offering a panoramic view of the Dead Sea and the mountains.
Executive Rooms
Floors 9 & 12 (no children allowed)
These rooms are luxuriously renovated with a panoramic view of the Dead Sea & Edom Mountains. The rooms are decorated in a modern elegant style, furnished with high quality Italian wooden furniture, special lighting and meticulous attention to detail. Rooms are available with panoramic window or balcony.
Junior Suites
Are beautiful spacious suites suitable for a couple and up to three children. Each suite includes a bedroom with a king sized bed, a salon with connecting door,  two  televisions with satellite network, two telephones, coffee and tea kit, safe, mini-bar, hairdryer. All Junior Suites have a panoramic view of the Dead Sea.

Deluxe Suites
Are beautiful spacious suites available for a couple or a couple and up to three children. Each suite has a bedroom and living room with connecting door, two televisions with satellite network, two telephones, coffee and tea making kit, safe, mini-bar, hairdryer. All the deluxe suites have a balcony offering panoramic views of the Dead Sea and the mountains beyond.
Junior & Deluxe Suites are also available on the Executive Floors (no children, adults only)
Presidential Suite 
80 sq. meters, living room with a dining corner for 8 people, kitchenette and bedroom.
Outdoor Pool
Come and have fun or just relax in the spacious pool area which includes a beautiful unique large freshwater pool, as well as a children’s pool. Guests can access the superb beach directly from the pool area.
The Hotel’s Beach
The beach has been totally renovated. Full facilities are available on the beach including beach chairs, umbrellas and showers. No other Dead Sea hotel can match these facilities.
Rosmarin Dining Room
The hotels Rosmarin Dining room offers delicious meals. For breakfast a rich buffet is served with eggs to order. For lunch and dinner a meat buffet is offered with a wide choice of main courses and a carving station as well as a great salad bar and delicious desserts.
Lobby Coffee Lounge
The Carnival is the hotels dairy restaurant in the lobby,  serving an assortment of salads, snacks, dairy dishes, ice cream, homemade cakes (and even kosher for Pesach Pizza) as well as a selection of hot and cold drinks. The coffee lounge is open daily from 11.00am until 11.00pm.
Poolside Snack Bar
The poolside snack bar serves meat dishes such as hot dogs, schnitzel, burgers, French fries, snacks, drinks and ices.
All the restaurants are under Mehudarim Hashgacha
Health Spa
Our guests will be pampered at the hotels large and luxurious health spa offering a salt water heated pool, two Jacuzzis, two sulfur pools, wet and dry saunas and two pressure showers. A wide variety of treatments are available at the spa including Swedish aromatherapy massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Thai massage, Mud wraps, Body peeling, Facial treatments, Pedicure and Manicures. Our guests are offered special packages that combine various treatments of the Dead Sea.
Daily Program
We will have a daily program for adults, teens and children provided by our professional entertainment team. Every hour there will be something to do for every age group including teenagers.
Scholar in Residence
Rabbi Dr. Aharon Adler
Rabbi Dr. Aharon Adler is a protégé of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveichik, zt”l. In addition to being a graduate of Yeshiva University in New York, with rabbinic ordination from Y.U.’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (R.I.E.T.S.), Rabbi Adler holds a Ph.D in Talmud from Bar Ilan University. Rabbi Adler and his family made aliyah in 1979. Today Rabbi Adler serves as the Community Rabbi of Ohel Nechama, in Katamon, Jerusalem
Children’s Club
Let the kids have fun whatever they choose to do. At the children’s club under supervision they can enjoy arts and crafts, a variety of games, shows, computer fun and much more, suitable for ages 3 – 7. This program will be supervised by a native English speaking counselor who is trained in running programs for small children.
There will be a full lecture program provided by our distinguished Scholars in Residence offering unique Torah and general topics and perspectives.

Rates & Details

Our Pesach Package Includes:

  • Accommodation in renovated rooms with Dead Sea view.
  • Lunch Erev Pesach
  • 1st Seder (2nd Seder for tourists)
  • On Shabbat, Morning Coffee and Cake before Tifla , Kiddush with Breakfast, Lunch, Sweet

    Hour, and Dinner after Shabbat.

    On Chag (Yom Tov) Morning Coffee & Cake before Tifla, Kiddush together with a meat Lunch
    Buffet, Sweet Hour and after Chag, Dinner
  • On Chol Hamoed (weekdays) Half Board; breakfast, sweet hour and dinner.
  • Every afternoon during Pesach there will be a delicious afternoon sweet hour for all our guests.
  • Lecture program with our outstanding scholars in residence and other guest speakers.
  • Live entertainment program every evening during Chol Hamoed (weekdays)
  • Activity program for adults, children and teenagers
  • Children’s supervised club.
  • The only Luxury Hotel situated right on the beach at the Dead Sea with a full English Speaking program.
  • Unique atmosphere.
  • Mehudarim Hashgacha No Kitniyot.
Not Included
  • Group Tip – 600 NIS per room (75 NIS per night) – Tips will be collected at the Hotel in cash so they can be properly & equally distributed to all departments in the hotel before we depart the Hotel.
  • Personal Tip – Those using Bellboys to assist with your baggage, our teen & children’s counselors and anyone you feel treated you extra special and you would like to show some added appreciation.
  • Items of a personal nature such as drinks, laundry etc.
  • The Hotel will be following all the Covid Pandemic rules laid out by the Israeli Government. This may cause changes to the above.

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