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Checkout Royal Passover 2024 Passover Vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico Watch Video

Passover Program in Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico – Passover April 4-14, 2024


Welcome to Royal Passover. A name synonymous with the ultimate Passover vacation. This year Royal Passover welcomes you to our most anticipated year yet. A year where your every expectation of us will be exceeded. A year where we set the bar even higher and will blow you away. How is that even possible? At Royal Passover we know our guests trust us to deliver and we aim to do that plus way more. Starting with the resort. We have scoured the Caribbean Sea to find the perfect location. A paradise, a haven, a space that feels like the edge of eternity. A place where our guests could find true rest, relaxation and create fun filled family moments.
Prepared to be dazzled by our culinary creations, our five-star dining, our exhilarating performances, our nonstop entertainment, our awesome day camp and our crowd! Known thru-out the world the RP Yom Tov ambiance and incredibly awesome crowd is like none other. A melting pot of people bound together by our love of Judaism and in celebration of the Chag creating the most fun filled, song filled, joy filled, beautiful Yom Tov your family will ever experience.
The Place, the Perfection, The Crowd, Nobody does Pesach better than Royal Passover. This year we invite you to join us for this exclusive, luxury Pesach like none other at Royal Passover 2023.
Los Cabos
Breathtaking wild landscape
Nestled where the ocean meets the sea, Los Cabos is the ultimate breathtaking vacation destination.
This Pacific Mexico vacation hotspot on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula is famous for its stunning natural beauty, pristine blue waters, championship golf courses and world-class resorts. When you’re not soaking up the sun by your resort pool or exploring its golden-sand shores, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure in Los Cabos.
Hop on a catamaran and cruise along the rocky coast towards the iconic El Arco where you can swim with friendly sea lions. Visit Pelican Rock for some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the area or plan a glass-bottom boat tour. Relax, enjoy and discover everything that makes Los Cabos the Jewel between the Seas.
Welcome to an unforgettable Pesach in Los Cabos.
The Resort
Natural beauty and luxury with all-inclusive service
Located alongside a beach with breathtaking views of the sea of Cortez and in the heart of tropical gardens.
Refined service, exquisite architecture and magnificent facilities guarantee a luxurious experience that is respectful of the natural environment.
Wake up in a suite with views of the ocean and pools and the exclusive The Reserve services designed to raise your experience in Los Cabos to the most extraordinary level, with access to private areas of the hotel and personalized service.
Paradisus Los Cabos provides exclusive accommodation with a sustainable spirit alongside a beach with calm waters and surrounded by tropical gardens. With suites that allow you to enjoy the sound of the waves and the warm, gentle breeze of the sea of Cortez, and with a personal Concierge service thanks to The Reserve.
Savor a healthy selection of local and international cuisine. Take some time out to pamper yourself at YHI Spa, an oasis for all your senses. Sign up for lifeenriching activities that will reveal the authentic Mexican spirit. Connect with all the charm that surrounds you. The entire resort and all of its amenities are exclusive to Royal guests.
Royal Food
A brilliant and coordinated performance by leading chefs of the world who will create a tailored dazzling culinary Pesach experience.
At RP we know food. Prepare to tingle your tastebuds and awaken your senses, at this epicurean dream.
Kosher Certification
Rabbi Yossi Birnbaum had 18 years experience in Kashrus as the Rabbinical Coordinator & Chief Supervisor of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC)
Rabbi Birnbaum currently resides in Jerusalem Israel since 1999. Rabbi Birnbaum served as a Rav Hamachshir for the last 16 years on over 100 cruises as well as Passover programs in hotels worldwide.
He published several Kashrus guidelines for Mashgichim in hotels, he is training Mashgichim and giving public lectures on variety of Kashrus subjects. Rabbi Birnbaum is the head rabbi of MKS

Royal Pool Side & Restaurants

Ginger Bar
Royal Passover’s famous bars now in 6 locations fully stocked with exotic Caribbean cocktails and top shelf wine and spirits
With your favourite cocktail in hand, listen to the soothing sound of the sea in this chic, contemporary lounge
Nespresso Bar
Specialty fresh brewed coffee and tea bar
Gabi Beach
Authentic BBQ and smoke house featuring prime meats, sausages and middle eastern grill specialties


Buffet restaurant
Ciello restaurant’s innovative Tapas Bar, for small bites bursting with flavor and imaginative and creative plates of perfection

Tokimeto – Asian Fusion

An authentic Asian experience
Gabi Bar
Freshly squeezed juices and salad bar with a variety of healthy options
Schnitzel Bar Food Truck
Royal Passover’s famous schnitzel makes a comeback in its very own One Stop Spot, for children and the young at heart, featuring multiple schnitzel varieties served with fries
La Palapa
Italian style brick oven hot and cheesy pizza with a dazzling variety of toppings to choose from
Opening every night at Chatzot (12 am) Israeli street kitchen cuisine featuring the genuine flavors, tastes and smells of the Machane Yehuda shuk. An experience in itself
Ice cream & snack box
Creamy dreamy ice cream cart with all the flavors and toppings to satisfy those daily ice cream cravings
Royal Wines
Featuring the finest wines from all over the world. An expert wine sommelier will be available to guide you to the perfect pairing to accompany your meal and ensure a true five-star dining experience.
The Rooms
Luxurious accommodations
Size: 435 sq ft | 40 sq m
View: Garden view
− Two double beds or a king size bed and a sofa
− Private terrace
Size: 435 SQ FT | 40 SQ M
View: Ocean view
Two double beds or a king size bed and a sofa
− Exotic rain shower
− work area
Size: 435 SQ FT | 40 SQ M
View: Ocean view
− Two double beds or a king size bed
− Contemporary bathroom with rain shower
− Private terrace
Size: 435 SQ FT | 40 SQ
M View: Ocean view
− Two double beds or a king size bed and a sofa
− Exotic rain shower
− work area
Size: 435 SQ FT | 40 SQ M
View: Ocean front
− Two double beds or king size bed and sofa
− Modern bathroom with rain shower
Size: 435 SQ FT | 40 SQ M
− Luxurious king-size bed
− Contemporary bathroom with exotic rain shower
− Private terrace
Size: 520 SQ FT | 48 SQ M
View: Ocean front
− Spacious bedroom and king size bed
− Private terrace
Pools & Beaches
The only hotel in Cabos with a private swimming beach
  • Sparkling swimming pool
  • Children’s pool
  • Oceanfront relaxation whirlpool
  • Sparkling Blue ocean waters
  • Golden Sandy beach
  • Full service beach
  • Private cabanas
The place where soul, spirit and body meet.
Spend time at an oasis that delights your senses, purifies your body, balances your mind and cultivates your soul. Pamper yourself with treatments made from local ingredients and essential oils, created to nourish and relax your inner being
What can you expect at YHI? Everything you need to bring out the very best in you.
  • Two cabins for couples
  • Four individual cabins
  • Beauty salon
  • Wet areas and dressing rooms
  • Steam, sauna and leisure pool
  • Fully equipped fitness center
  • Relaxation area
Royal Package
  • Complimentary VIP airport transfers
  • Daily Turn down service
  • Fully stocked mini bar
  • Kosher for passover Nespresso in every room
  • RP swag bag with flip flops, sunscreens, t-shirts, caps and more
  • RP eats lunch boxes to go
Royal Atmosphere
With all of our luxurious feature, we did not forget the most important one. The beauty of the Chag. The magnificently set seder tables, the gorgeous sounds of the sedarim, the late into the night singing, the dvrei torah…the perfect harmony creates the unparalleled RP Yom Tov experience.
Royal Cantors
Prayers, an essential part of the holiday and everything important for us to connect.
Together with our international singers and choirs, your prayer experience will take on a whole new dimension!
Royal Shiurim
We are proud to offer dynamic speakers on Yom Tov and Shabbat. There will be a variety of divrei torah lectures, halacha classes as well as special women-only classes available to leave you inspired. Pick up the Royal Passover 2023 Schedule at check-in for exact times and locations of all lectures
Camp Is fun. At our children’s camp program we will make sure that all kids regardless of age have a great time, while paying special attention for their safety and comfort, providing them with the appropriate space and activities to fit every age level. At Camp Treasure Island every day we will be focusing on a different Mitzvah, while enjoying crafts, games, hunts and activities, all highlighting the specific “Treasure” with exhilarating incentives, prizes and fun, your child will keep asking for more. Delicious and nutritious meals will be served nightly at our Children’s Dining room and and our convenient camp hours that work around our entertainment and activity schedules, ensuring both parents and kids to enjoy a memorable Passover vacation experience with us.
  • Skilled, loving and dedicated staff
  • Passover Games & Treasure Hunts
  • Storytime & Snacks,Junior division
  • Extended evening camp available for older kids
  • Passover in Cancun Special kids tours
  • Davening
  • GroupArts & Crafts: Duct Tape, Sand Art and more
  • Outdoor play areas, Sports & relay races
  • AM & PM Snacks provided
  • Movie Night
  • Children’s Drama Workshop
  • Face painting, Balloon Sculptures, Blowup ride
  • Special Kids entertainment, music and dancing
  • And much more!
A free responsible babysitting service will be available during camp hours in our baby’s room. Private Babysitting will also be available for a fee of USD $25 per hour. All arrangements must be made in advance and are offered on a first come, first
Royal Sport Club
Let your inner rider take control as you cruise around our scenic bike route and explore the area with one of our exclusive bicycles. A cyclists dream.
Golf Club
Gear up and never give up alongside the boasting views of the Caribbean turquoise blue or the lush surroundings of the Chacmochuc Lagoon while you hit some pure iron shots. Welcome to your own golf paradise.
Our famous Royal Shows
Local Shows
  • Local musical ensembles
  • Maya Show
  • Mariachi
  • Fire appearance
Royal Nights
  • Casino Night With Full Butler Service
  • Poker Tournament
  • Dj Dance Parties
  • Cigar Rolling
  • Kumzits
  • Chafla
  • Adults And Children Karaoke
  • Bingo Nights
  • Full Bar Alcohol
  • Late night Tea room
  • Fire & Water Show
  • Moonlight Cinema
  • Talent Show

Royal Excursions
Let’s go to a trip
Come and travel through the magical landscapes of Los Cabos, see the huge whales, and the amazing natural wonders of this wild land.
  • Whale spotting
  • Arch of Cabo
Cabo Attractions
Experience nature and emotion
  • Off roading
  • Camel and horse back riding
  • Zip line
  • Scuba diving
  • Sailing
  • Whale watching , dolphins, sharks and turtles
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Pirate ship
  • Flight in the sky of Cabos
  • Bicycle ride
  • San Jose
  • Cabo San Lucas
  • The old City

Royal Flights
Charter Flight from NYC or MIA Available upon request.
In order to make your journey easier, We have chartered planes that will allow you to come as
easily as possible.
That way you can arrive without intermediate flights and right on time

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